Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bar School! first week down, loads to go

The first week of Bar School has gone down without a hitch. Sorta. I'm now over 200 pages behind in my reading, after only 3 days of school. How they expect us to read 100+ pages a day is beyond me. And that's not counting the laws that all must be read.

Mandatory reading for Day 3: Civil Code of Quebec. The whole thing?

* * *

Bar School is a strange place where they expect students to be perfectly independent. The first test of your independence, of course, is finding out when your first day of school is. Nobody will tell you that.

You'll get your placement test results somewhere in May, then radio silence until the end of July, when you'll receive a letter telling you to pick up your textbooks (which you'll have to buy, even if you know someone who might have them already, or have seen them on sale at your local Salvation Army store).

Of course the calendar was somewhere on their website. I didn't find it. I had to get a friend to send me the link.

I guess that's your first test. If you can't find it, or don't know anyone who can help you, you're obviously not good enough to pass the bar. Don't even bother showing up for class. Not that you could. You haven't found the calendar.