Friday, September 28, 2007

求佛 (Qiu Fo)

求佛 (Qiu Fo, Begging Buddha)

歌手:誓言 (artist: Shi Yan)

当月光洒在我的脸上 - when the moonlight pours down on my face
我想我就快变了摸样 - I think I almost change shape
有一种叫做撕心裂肺的汤 - There is something called Heart-tearing-liver-cracking soup
喝了它有神奇的力量 - Drinking it gives mysterious strength
闭上眼看见天堂 - Closing my eyes, I see heaven
那是藏着你笑的地方 - That is the place where your smile is hidden
我躲开无数个猎人的枪 - I have avoided countless hunters' guns
赶走坟墓爬出的忧伤 - Drove away the grieving crawling out of tombs
为了你,我变成狼人摸样 - For you, I took the werewolf's appearance
为了你,染上了疯狂 - For your, I infected myself with madness
为了你,穿上厚厚的伪装 - For your, I put on a thick, thick costume
为了你,换了心肠 - For you, I changed my heart
我们还能不能再见面 - Can we see ourselves once again?
我在佛前苦苦求了几千年 - I have painfully begged the Buddha for a thousand years
愿意用几世换我们一世情缘 Willing to exchange many lives for only one life of love
希望可以感动上天 - Hoping to move the heavens
我们还能不能能不能再见面 Can we, can we see ourselves once again?
我在佛前苦苦求了几千年 - I have painfully begged the Buddha for a thousand years
当我在踏过这条奈何桥之前 - Before I cross this bridge
让我再吻一吻你的脸 - Let me kiss your face
让我再吻一吻你的脸 - Let me kiss your face

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The things you don't learn in Law school

TED clip on statistics.

Heard from a classmate: He was moving during the weekend, when the box where his clothes were fell from his pickup onto the highway, and got run over by an 18-wheeler. Some of his friends, who were following him, stopped to pick up his clothes. To their dismay, other drivers stopped too and were stealing his clothes!

Monday, September 24, 2007

I want to talk like J.L.

I want to be of a speakingness like J.L. He's one of those who can speak so matter-of-factly and use just the right words to make the most potentially sensitive topics acceptable. He never tries to stir up anything, doesn't get himself deeply embedded into any kind of controversy.

Not many teachers can use imbecilitas sexus (or whatever the ending should be) and leave the classroom alive... Convey the reasoning without making the people seem retarded or immoral.
Quite neat.

On a lighter note, some Germanic tribes had the habit, whenever they were going to transmit property, to pull the person's ears and slap their faces.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Another installment of : The Things You Learn When Studying Law
Credit cards.

If you have a credit account and decide to offer a credit card as a gift to someone (ie you make another card for your account and give it to your kid), depending on the contract the recipient signs, he COULD be held accountable for the debt of the account.

So, next time someone gives you a credit card, they might want you to pay off their debts...
Je crie au scandale!!

Seen on the news yesterday: a 10-second report near the end of the newscast, after all the important stuff has been said: Mattel issued an apology to Beijing for blaming the toy recall on lead paint, when in fact it was because of a design flaw.

At which point I went : WHAT!?

Not because it was scandalous that they made China look bad by making everyone think everything Chinese was dangerous, but that the newscast barely talked about this new development. I'd be screaming it on the roofs, for bollocks' sake!

And I thought, like a good would-be lawyer... shouldn't there be a lawsuit somewhere? I mean, a person can sue for defamation, can't a country do that? And, let's not forget, someone killed himself over this...

Which reminds me, about a week ago, I saw this on page 32 of the Journal de Montreal: a tiny article on China sending back pork imported from Canada and the US because it contained traces of a drug banned in China and various other countries, but permitted in the US and Canada. Shouldn't THAT be on the front page? Granted it was retaliation, but what the hell is in our food?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Woah. This law thing is really getting into me. I find myself using words I've never used before, like "abstaction" (what kind of pedant uses that in everyday speech) and using more convoluted sentences, with commas!! Soon enough I won't be able to understand what I say!!

Law school really doesn't seem so hard, though it might be that it's because I haven't yet read all the stuff I had to...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Proud Student of the Law

2 weeks into the studies, and I'm already starting to think like a lawyer. A friend tells me about his campus newspaper, and I'm thinking of all the possible lawsuits. I see them EVERYWHERE.

I learn all kinds of interesting things, such as the ridicule of some laws.

Suppose you're driving, hit a patch of ice, and start skidding toward an intersection. There are people crossing the street, and cars parked on the side. The way things are at the moment, with the car insurance law, if you hit the pedestrians, you're protected from a civil lawsuit. If, instead, you decide to avoid the people and swerve to hit the cars, then you're liable for the damages to the cars.

Quoth the teacher: "Quand la loi est sortie, on a dit: 'la personne avant toutes choses'. J'ai finalement compris: 'la personne, avant toutes choses."