Friday, March 07, 2008

I have a paper to write for Monday, and I haven't started yet. Maybe, if I keep staring at the blank page, inspiration will come by itself. Reading and re-reading the instructions doesn't help, that's for sure. I'm supposed to offer a CRITICAL and PERSONAL reflexion. I can't help but feel like there's a contradiction somewhere in there.

Oh well, I guess critical isn't the same thing as objective, though pretty close. Will figuring out the difference help me with my project? Dunno, but let's see. It's not like I knew what to write about anyway.
Merriam-Webster says this about Critical:
2 a: inclined to criticize severely and unfavorably b: consisting of or involving criticism critical writings>; also : of or relating to the judgment of critics critical success> c: exercising or involving careful judgment or judicious evaluation <critical thinking> d: including variant readings and scholarly emendations critical edition>

and Objective:
3 a: expressing or dealing with facts or conditions as perceived without distortion by personal feelings, prejudices, or interpretations <objective art> objective history of the war> objective judgment>

Well, I guess the judgment doesn't have to be objective, then.
Emendations. What does that even mean?
1 : the act or practice of emending 2 : an alteration designed to correct or improve

that helps.
: to correct usually by textual alterations.

Right. BAsically, give lots of quotes, and pretend you've actually read what was to be read, I guess.

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