Thursday, October 18, 2012

Public Citizen needs $$ to hire someone to sit outside Charles Carreon's house

Just thought I'd put it out there:

Public Citizen is defending the blogger suing for declaratory judgement that his blog satirizing Charles Carreon (of suing-the-oatmeal fame) is legal. Unfortunately, Carreon is hiding out and trying not to be served court papers.

Unfortunately, Carreon seems to be working the system effectively. Because even with all of these obvious attempts to avoid having to actually deal with the lawsuit against him, the judge is asking the blogger and his lawyers to "try harder:"
The process server could easily wait outside the fence for defendant to enter or leave the residence and could then leave the papers in the defendant's presence. Alternatively, the process server may choose to wait near a location defendant is thought to frequent, such as an office or grocery store. If the defendant still refuses to accept the papers, it will be considered sufficient if the “server is in close proximity to the defendant, clearly communicates intent to serve court documents, and makes reasonable efforts to leave the papers with the defendant.”
- Techdirt: Charles Carreon Still Dishing Out Threats & Intimidation... While Hiding From Court Summons

So there you have it. Public Citizen is now looking for public donations to help them hire some guy to site outside that other guy's house.

Public Citizen's Donations page

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