Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Coordination is painful

Wanted to post something smart, but don't feel like typing it up.

Been recording for LibriVox for a few monts. Just finished BCing 2 poetry projects. Came out with a newfound respect for those doing admin work. Just coordinating a little project like that on the web can be quite time-consuming and energyvorous.

First, get the project up. Then, get people to record. THEN, run after said people for info, and also run after them for any corrections to be made. End up making the corrections yourself, since it's much faster that way. Check everything. Listen to Everything. Upload Everything.

And then hope that everything is just right for the cataloging.

Of course everything went OK. The worst I came across was a recording where we had to modify some technical stuff. I can't imagine what some BCs have to go through, when sometimes the reader would just post their stuff and you never see them again. They're stuck with a chapter in need of editing, and the person' s gone.

Still about 80 chapters to go through for Monte-Cristo. Good luck with that. At the rate I'm going, it' s going to take at least 6 more months to finish. Hopefully I can squeeze in some more chapters during Christmas break.

And THEN, I can start with the 800 pages of Blackstone.

But before that, remember to find the MIA reader for the Chasse-galerie.

Pleasure, pleasure.

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Aldor said...

Eh bien ! Ca a l'air éprouvant, cet enregistrement du Comte de Monte Cristo.