Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Don't know what's wrong with some people. Just yesterday, I've had this random old dude come up to me and my parents, and go: "You know, Christmas isn't just about presents, and shopping, it's about God and Jesus, and I'm a Quebecer and I'm a Christian, and it's part of my heritage. I've read the Bible and found God years ago, and I thought it was very important to answer questions such as where we come from and where we're going, so here's a pamphlet for you. I think it's important that people know about our culture, and about our Christian values. "

I was so pissed off. First off, I hate those pamphlet-handing religious folks. And second, WHY do you think we don't friggin know about YOUR Quebec/Christian values!? I went to the same school your kids went to! I took the same religious classes your kids had to take! So WHY do you think we don't know about YOUR culture?

And I'm an atheist. I believe in Sciences. I founds Sciences years ago, and found where we come from: nowhere, and where we're going: nowhere. Here's the meaning of life: it hasn't got any. Thank you very much. I have read the Bible. Thank you very much. I hope you don't believe it, and I hope you won't start chopping people's hands off, as the Bible tells you to do.
Sorry I don't have a pamphlet for you.
Happy Hanuka.

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