Friday, September 14, 2007

Proud Student of the Law

2 weeks into the studies, and I'm already starting to think like a lawyer. A friend tells me about his campus newspaper, and I'm thinking of all the possible lawsuits. I see them EVERYWHERE.

I learn all kinds of interesting things, such as the ridicule of some laws.

Suppose you're driving, hit a patch of ice, and start skidding toward an intersection. There are people crossing the street, and cars parked on the side. The way things are at the moment, with the car insurance law, if you hit the pedestrians, you're protected from a civil lawsuit. If, instead, you decide to avoid the people and swerve to hit the cars, then you're liable for the damages to the cars.

Quoth the teacher: "Quand la loi est sortie, on a dit: 'la personne avant toutes choses'. J'ai finalement compris: 'la personne, avant toutes choses."

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