Saturday, September 22, 2007

Je crie au scandale!!

Seen on the news yesterday: a 10-second report near the end of the newscast, after all the important stuff has been said: Mattel issued an apology to Beijing for blaming the toy recall on lead paint, when in fact it was because of a design flaw.

At which point I went : WHAT!?

Not because it was scandalous that they made China look bad by making everyone think everything Chinese was dangerous, but that the newscast barely talked about this new development. I'd be screaming it on the roofs, for bollocks' sake!

And I thought, like a good would-be lawyer... shouldn't there be a lawsuit somewhere? I mean, a person can sue for defamation, can't a country do that? And, let's not forget, someone killed himself over this...

Which reminds me, about a week ago, I saw this on page 32 of the Journal de Montreal: a tiny article on China sending back pork imported from Canada and the US because it contained traces of a drug banned in China and various other countries, but permitted in the US and Canada. Shouldn't THAT be on the front page? Granted it was retaliation, but what the hell is in our food?

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