Thursday, March 07, 2013

Week 14

I think I'm starting to lose it. Can't remember what I did Monday, tho I did mean to post. It was a busy day. Some kerfuffle with a trial that was set for this week, but the opposing party wanted to postpone, and Power-Lawyer thought no way, so back-and-forth of motions to postpone, motion to strike, culminating with my being called at 4:21 PM with "Hey, I just emailed you a document, you have... um... 9 minutes to serve it".

Today got pretty crazy too. i was informed by PL that she has a 6-day trial coming up next month, and that is going to require a full month of preparation (serious. no kidding) which means I'll pretty much have to be working full time with her on this.

And full-time with PL means me, her, and pizzas, which is never a good sign, because last time that it was me, her, and a pizza, I ended up leaving work at midnight and a half. I guess I might as well pack my favourite pillow and a sleeping bag, cuz I'll be living at the office for the foreseeable future.

Wednesdays are also billing days at the office, and since we have a new software and I seem to be the only one qualified to use it, I was providing PL with tech support.

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