Saturday, March 30, 2013

Week 17 and losing track

I have apparently received my own email address at our firm. Unfortunately I have not been able to confirm or log in, as the change is supposed to take some time to take effect.

* * *

Went to court for a civil case. First time doing that, as our firm usually does family law. Civil cases have the role call at 2.16, but it turns out the greffier was the one I usually see in 2.17. Woot, familiar!

The case was a bit complicated, and we only got our mandate yesterday, so I had a day to get up to speed.

Met the lawyers for the opposing parties. One of them looked a bit like Kent Nagano. It was surreal.

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Jonas said...

Hey. I'm afraid I know nothing of your legal posibilities or advocate knowledge. I jut wanted to say, that your readings at librivox is amazing! JJ.